Where We Work

The Atlas Cultural Foundation works in Morocco’s remote mountain and desert regions where there is a high concentration of vulnerable, marginalized and disadvantaged people. These regions are challenged by geographic, economic, educational, and traditional barriers.

Since 2009, the Atlas Cultural Foundation has focused its work in the region of Zawiya Ahansal in the province of Azilal. Located deep in the Central High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Zawiya Ahansal is a rural commune centered on four established villages, Amezray, Aguddim, Taghia and Tighanimin, a weekly market (Mondays) and government offices. It also encompasses the high pastures and grazing lands of the Ait Abdi and Ait Atta tribes, two of Morocco’s largest semi-nomadic and nomadic tribes. The current population of Zawiya Ahansal is between 10,000 and 15,000 people and includes permanent residents, transhumants, and seasonal nomads. This land is uniquely layered with a tapestry of tribal rights, pastoral lands and stunning natural beauty. The locals are Imazighen and the languages spoken are Tamazight, Moroccan Arabic (darija), Classical Arabic, and French.

In 2019, the Atlas Cultural Foundation began to expand its work to include other rural regions in Morocco.