Agriculture, Food Security, Climate Change Mitigation

Rural communities in Morocco rely on providing a significant portion of their own food. ACF works to identify and implement resilient agriculture that adapt to emerging dangers such as climate change and seasonal challenges such as increased flooding and droughts. ACF believes everyone should work together towards attaining zero hunger and agricultural sustainability for all.

Goals and Objectives
  • Supporting Sustainable Food Production Systems
  • Plant Diversity and Year-Round Food Security
  • Chemical Mitigation and Education, Pesticide Reduction
  • Improving Crop Yields
  • Drought Resistant and Resilient Agriculture Practices
  • Improving Farming Techniques
  • Food Storage Education
  • Soil Quality
  • Community Gardens 
  • Inclusive Nutrition and Cooking Classes
  • Family and Gardener Agriculture Workshops (Fruit Tree Pruning Practices, Non-toxic Pest Control
Highlighted Project – Community Gardens

ACF launched the food and nutrition program in the summer of 2014. The program focuses on the long-term health and sustainability of the region’s food system; including water and soil quality, farming techniques, food harvesting, food storage, and nutrition. A key component of the program is two community gardens in which local community gardeners work with ACF.

This project has succeeded in:

  • testing higher yield and higher nutrition crops
  • realizing techniques for growing fruits and vegetables without any pesticides, chemicals or man-made fertilizers
  • identifying winter vegetable crops that can add nutrition to the winter diet 
  • distributing the new knowledge and techniques from the gardens to local families and gardeners through a series of agriculture workshops