Community Education, Youth Development

ACF believes in reducing disparities and ensuring equal access to education for all children and adults in rural areas.  All programs work to achieve literacy and numeracy in addition to extracurricular activities and vocational training”.

Goals and Objectives
  • Extracurricular and Sport Activities
  • Provide Access to Books
  • STEM Workshops
  • Computer and Technology Training
  • Achieve Literacy and Numeracy
  • Promote Tolerance and Cultural Competency
  • Supporting Girls and Boys in Pursuing Higher Education
  • Encouraging Youth Engagement in Civil Society
  • Reducing School Dropout Rates
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Foreign Language Competency
  • Amezray Community Center
  • Elementary and Middle School Tutoring Programs
  • First Regional Library
  • Urban/Rural Exchange with Moroccan Youth
  • International Youth Immersion
Highlighted Project – Elementary School Tutoring Program

The foundation of ACF’s education initiative is the Elementary and Secondary School Tutoring Program. In 2012, when the ACF started its community education initiative, the students in the region of Zawiya Ahansal had the lowest test scores of the entire province. As a result of ACF’s educational programs, in 2015, the students had the highest test scores in all grades in the entire province. The Atlas Cultural Foundation elementary school tutoring program provides free tutoring to all elementary and secondary school students in two rural Moroccan villages. 200 students attend the program six days per week and ten months a year. The teachers are locals with BA university degrees.

This project has succeeded in:

  • Increasing test scores of elementary and secondary school students in the villages of Aguddim and Amezray.
  • Collaboration with local government teachers to achieve their teaching goals and complete the government curriculum with their students.
  • Preparing students for middle school and high school, specifically in the subjects of Mathematics, French Language and Arabic Language.
  • Providing extracurricular activities such as art, music, science, sport and field trips.
Highlighted Project – First Regional Library

In 2018 ACF opened the first community library in the region of Zawiya Ahansal. The library serves the region’s population of 15,000 people and is located in the village of Amezray’s Community Center and serves elementary, middle and high school students, government teachers, and adults. It has books in English, French and Arabic. It is the first opportunity that locals have had access to books and resources other than their school textbooks. Access to the materials is free and open to the public. Books and library set up in provided in partnership with Her International.