Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism recognizes the importance of cultural differences, local heritage and products, provides an opportunity for authentic cultural exchange, and supports economic growth. ACF provides international students and volunteers with the opportunity to engage in its community work and learn about rural Morocco. ACF also supports Morocco’s tourism industry through specific skills training such as mountain guide medical training and foreign language classes, and support of local women’s cooperatives.

Goals and Objectives
  • Foreign Language Competency
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness, Engagement and Exchange
  • Supporting Sustainable Business Practices through Education and Mentorship
  • Educating Tourists on Low Impact Travel and Cultural Competency
  • Promote Local Products and Culture
  • Provide Quality Jobs
  • Volunteer Tourism with Atlas Cultural Adventures
  • Moroccan Mountain Guide Medical Training
  • Foreign Language Classes
Highlighted Project – Volunteer Tourism

Since 2009, international students and volunteers have worked with ACF on its community projects in rural Morocco. ACF matches the interests and skills of the students and volunteers with the current needs in the local communities – this guarantees responsible and effective collaboration. Tourism projects have included: community refuse oven, French and English language classes, agriculture workshops, public health awareness, built heritage documentation, technology training and vocational training. All programs are run through the tour operator and travel agency Atlas Cultural Adventures.

Local Moroccans benefit from spending time with people from other cultures for a two-way cultural exchange. Rural students see first hand the importance of learning a foreign language and recognize the importance global community collaboration.

This project has succeeded in:

  • increased understanding and tolerance of different cultures
  • providing quality work to rural Moroccans
  • foreign language acquisition
  • numerous small infrastructure projects supporting sustainable development
Highlighted Project – Moroccan Mountain Guide Medical Training

ACF provides Wilderness First Responder trainings for certified Moroccan mountain guides. This training teaches the guides how to respond to emergency situations in remote locations.

This project has succeeded in:

  • increasing guides’ safety skills for tourists,
  • supporting guides as knowledgeable sources within their home communities
  • providing basic first aid training for guesthouse owners and female heads of household