Economic Development, Social Innovation

ACF encourages innovative income-generating activities and provides people with the skills needed to succeed at those activities, and small-scale infrastructure to assist in success. ACF reinforces social inclusion, equality training and education, poverty eradication, entrepreneurship thinking, information and communications technology, and creating quality work while protecting the environment and culture.

ACF only hires local Moroccans for all of its programs and projects.

Goals and Objectives
  • Foreign Language Competency
  • Encourage Income-Generating Activities
  • Social Innovation
  • Support Community Women’s Cooperatives
  • Entrepreneurship Training and Leadership Mentoring
  • Providing Employment for Youth and Disadvantaged Populations
  • Rural Development and Disparity Reduction
  • Moroccan Mountain Guide Medical Training
  • Capacity Building for Moroccan Community Associations
  • Foreign Language Classes in French and English
  • Public Transport Bus Stops
  • Amezray Community Center
  • English Language Summer Camp
Highlighted Project – Amezray Community Center

ACF, in partnership with Surf for Life, Montana State University and Rustic Pathways, built a community education center in the village of Amezray.

This project has succeeded in:

  • providing a safe, inclusive and effective learning environment
  • supporting current and future community programs
  • example architecture on how to blend modern structures with the traditional aesthetic of the region
  • responding to culture and traditions while supporting the modern world with spaces for traditional education as well as information and communications technology
  • providing the first library for the region – the library is free and open to all students and adults
Highlighted Project – English Language Summer Camp

The camps were in partnership with the US Embassy Rabat and a local association.

This project succeeded in:

  • meeting the immediate needs to increase the English language proficiency of the region’s middle and high school students
  • providing quality summer work for five university educated local youth
  • helping the students pass their mandatory English language exams
  • inspiring a passion for English as a second language
  • exposing students to English-speaking cultures
  • fostered a positive connection between native English-speaking peoples and rural Moroccans

The camp included a variety of activities in addition to traditional classroom time. Activities were held in two community centers in the villages of Amezray and Agoudim. In 2018, 24 of the highest scoring students from the camp were chosen for a four-day excursion to Marrakech. For most of the students, this was their first time to Marrakech. The excursion activities included historical tours of the ancient city, cultural activities and English activities at the Spot Center. Two representatives from the US Embassy met the group during the excursion.

Highlighted Project – Public ‘Bus Stop’ Shelters

ACF has built four public ‘bus stop’ shelters in the region of Zawiya Ahansal. These shelters provide a weather safe shelter for people waiting for the public mixed transport, for children to take a rest on their way to and from school, and for informal meetings and gatherings. The shelters were designed and built with traditional materials and local craftsmen. Small scale infrastructure projects such as these help support economic development and community health and well being.