ACF Morocco

The Atlas Cultural Foundation Morocco is a registered regional Moroccan association.

ACF is committed to the capacity building of its Moroccan branch through NGO management workshops and trainings, inclusion in decision making processes, local community representation, donor communication and grant writing and reporting, and program leadership. The Atlas Cultural Foundation established the Atlas Cultural Foundation Morocco, a registered Moroccan regional association, in order to ensure the sustainability of its work. ACF Morocco is comprised of rural Moroccan community leaders and provides ACF with insight and information from the field – ensuring ground up, sustainable and community led programming.

Ismail Barda

President and Cofounder

Ismail has more than 10 years of experience in the field of community development and civil society in Morocco. He holds a BA in Engligh Literature and Cultural Studies. He has been a translator, local liaison and project manager for the Atlas Cultural Foundation US. In addition, he hosts and supervises community engagement programs for international high school and university students. Ismail plays an active role managing and overseeing various community development projects of the ACF US in the central high Atlas Mountains. He is a certified TEFL English Teacher and a certified Moroccan mountain guide specializing in natural spaces within Morocco. In addition, he is an administrative responsible at the travel agency Atlas Cultural Adventures. 

Ayoub Ouameurosaid

Treasurer and Cofounder

Ayoub was born and raised in a small oasis village in southern Morocco. He has a Bachelors degree in English Language from Ibno Zohr University of Agadir and has volunteered with community-based nonprofits and been involved in numerous social projects in Morocco. Ayoub has been the country director of Atlas Cultural Foundation US for more than 12 years where he overseas sustainable development projects in rural Moroccan communities. Ayoub is passionate about Education, Youth Empowerment and Cultural Preservation. Ayoub also works as the commercial director and a licensed Moroccan City Guide for the travel agency Atlas Cultural Adventures.

Chafiya Id Hammou

Chafya Idhammou

Secretary and Cofounder

Chafya is originally from Ouarzazate and has worked with the Atlas Cultural Foundation US since 2010. She graduated from Ibno Zohr University of Agadir in 2009 with a BA degree in English Literature. She has worked as a translator, is a TEFL certified English teacher, and the local director of Atlas Cultural Foundation’s public health initiative and annual health awareness days. Chafya is also the manager of ACF’s Girls and Women’s Empowerment Program. She has developed a strong sense of devotion for the community work and her experience has given her a deep appreciation for how the organization seeks to improve the quality of life for underserved Moroccans. Chafia also works as a program leader and translator for the travel agency Atlas Cultural Adventures.