Ait U Amahdar Igherm – Saint’s House

Ait U Mahdar Igherm
Village: Aguddim, Zawiya Ahansal
Type of Building: Saint’s house, pilgrim lodging, private fortified granary
Construction Date: 17th century
Last Restoration Date(s): Renovation in progress (started fall 2015).
Restoration Work: Complete exterior and interior renovation.

Historic Narrative
Sidi Ahmad U Ahmad, the main householder of the saint’s family, built the Ait U Mahdar igherm in the 17th century. The igherm is made of rammed earth, mud bricks, and wood for ceilings. Each corner has a tower. It has three floors and six rooms. The first floor is a storeroom. It is flanked by a smaller igherm, tighermt, which was connected to the main igherm by a sky bridge. Primarily, the igherm was used to shelter the pilgrims of Zawiya Ahansal (the followers who visit the saint’s grave). Secondly, the igherm was used to store the visitor’s presents for the saint families (barley, wheat, corn, olive oil, wood, and salt). Thirdly, it had the purpose of protecting the valley from warring tribes. Lastly, the people would keep their fortunes inside because it was locked and well protected by guards and slaves. At the present time, the igherm is used for storage.

Restoration Partners and Support Type/Amount
Atlas Cultural Foundation (US NGO)
Financial, $15,000 to $25,000USD, private donor ($25,000 is secured for the restoration).
Technical/Architectural, professional oversight of restoration.
Association Amezray SMNID (Moroccan Association):
Technical, Site Management, Property Owners and Moroccan Authority Coordination
Total Restoration Budget: $15,000 to $25,000USD approximate cost

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