Wash Stations

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In partnership with Montana State University School of Architecture ACF is building a series of laundry wash stations along the Ahansal River valley.

The goals of the Laundry Wash Station Project are the following.

  1. Decrease the quantity of laundry being washed in the Ahansal River in the villages of Aguddim, Amezray, and Taghia.
  2. Restore fish habit and river health by reducing the amount of laundry soap in the river and by decreasing the destructive impact laundry washing has on the riverbanks.
  3. Provide women with a healthy and comfortable location to wash laundry that preserves the social interaction with other women and their children.

ACF, MSU and their local partners hope to build more stations over the following years.

  • Women in Zawiya Ahansal suffer from back pain from washing laundry in the river; the wash stations provide a comfortable place to wash without the physical stress on their bodies.
  • Existing irrigation ditches provides the water for the wash stations.
  • The dirty water is diverted into a bio swale consisting of sand and gravel and a field of reeds. The reeds absorb the soaps and clean the water before it reenters the springs and river.
  • The projects use only traditional architectural materials and styles.
  • The projects are designed and built by MSU professor Christopher Livingston, his students, and local craftsmen.