Community Education

The main community education program is the Elementary School Tutoring Program. In 2012, when the ACF started its community education initiative, the students in the region of Zawiya Ahansal had the lowest test scores of the entire province. As a result of the ACF’s educational programs, in 2015, the students had the highest test scores in all grades in the entire province.

The Atlas Cultural Foundation elementary school tutoring program provides free tutoring to all pre-K and elementary school students in two rural Moroccan villages. 200 students attend the program six days per week and eleven months a year.

The primary goals of the Tutoring Program are to:
1. Increase test scores of elementary school students in the villages of Aguddim and Amezray.
2. Collaborate with and help local government teachers to achieve their teaching goals and complete the government curriculum with their students.
3. Prepare students for junior high and high school, specifically in the subjects of Mathematics, French Language and Arabic Language.
4. Provide extracurricular activities such as art, music, and field trips.

ACF started the program  with one teacher in one village. The program had immediate success and by August of 2013 the program was expanded to two teachers in two villages. Since the program’s inception, the students are testing the highest in the province. The program’s teachers are all from the region and hold a BA degree from a Moroccan university.

Other Education Programs
1. English language lessons for local adults, mountain guides, guest house owners, government teachers and employees.
2. Computer training for children and adults.
3. French language tutoring in collaboration with Montana State University.