Restoration Resumes

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The harsh winter of Morocco’s Central High Atlas Mountains is waning and restoration of the igherm is now able to resume for the nest two and a half months.  Our goals for this period include completing the  martoub (exterior stucco finish), refurbishing the traditional wood and clay roofs and rebuilding the six decorative towers. One week ago, the local restoration crew began collecting soil for the martoub in preparation for my arrival on March 31.

Mohammed Taiboosh, one of the restoration laborers and also a member of igherm’s proprietary tribe, Ait Bin Ahmed, has three sons that will benefit from the project.

“I am so happy and grateful for this project,” said Taiboosh, “it is going to provide educational opportunities that have never before been available in this region.”

Historically, the majority of the residents of Zawiya Ahansal are illiterate, but Taiboosh has hope for his childrens’ generation and believes the igherm project will help boost their positions in society and future opportunities.

“Literacy is the light for their future. Illiteracy is nothing but darkness.”

At the end of April l will lead a group of project donors on a ten-day excursion through Morocco.  The trip is organized through Bella Treks LLC and will include a four-day visit to Zawiya Ahansal and the project site.  The donors will meet with the people that will directly benefit from their generous donations.

For the second year, the project has partnered with Montana State University and will bring a group of students to Morocco for five weeks in Morocco.  The students will work with the community on the establishment and design of the library, books stacks, computer room and coffee shop.

Cloe Medina Erickson, project manager

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