Site Utility Installation

Throughout the winter local project manager Youssef Jini worked with the Amzrai tribe to install running water on site.  The water comes from a spring in the near by foothills; use was granted to us by the owner of the spring for the lifetime of the library.  The water is important because it is necessary for mixing the earth during renovation.  In addition, the locals built an access road to the building.  This road will allow for easy transportation of stone used in foundation repair and wood for the ceilings and floors.

Project director, Cloe Medina Erickson, will arrive in Morocco April 28 and spend the next two months working on the beginning of the renovation.  Seven American university students and two Moroccan students will work side by side with the locals for six weeks on the initial stages of the renovation.  This program was made possible through a partnership with Montana State University.  The team will work under the supervision of a master earth builder restorationist and master carpenter.  The students will learn ancient earth building techniques.

Photos of the restoration work will be posted in July.

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